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George Lupkes, born in Petkum, Ostfriesland, Germany October 1, 1858, emmigrated to the United States March 22, 1883 and joined his two older brothers, Oltman & Aielt in Ackley, Iowa.

George and Geske (Tellinghuisen) Lupkes



Left ............................... John

Rear ..........................Andrew

Right .............................David

Front ...........William (Willie)



Two Daughters Elizabeth and Bena not pictured



George and Geske (Tellinghuisen) Lupkes Obituaries

George was united in marriage to Geske (Tellinghuisen) March 6, 1889 by the Reverend Schuelke.Their union was blessed with six children. John - Andrew - David - Willie - Elizabeth and Bena. He was a farmer for 39 years and retired to Dumont, Iowa with his wife in 1921. Always healthy, his health began to fail16 months before his death at four o'clock Saturday, August 31, 1946. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday, September 3, 1946, by Reverends Henry B. Poppen and H.J. Potter at the Washington Reform Church.
Burial was made in the family plot in the church cemetery.

Geske Tellinhuisen, born in Maunschlagt, Ostfriesland, Germany, September 6, 1856, emmigrated to the United States at the age of seven with her parents. After an eight week journey her parents settled first two miles north of German Valley, Illinois. In March 1873 her family, along with many others, moved to Iowa and were among the first Ostfriesans to take up land in Madison Township, Butler County, Iowa. Geske died Thursday, September 9, 1942 at the age of 86 years 3 days. Services were held on Sunday, September 12, 1942 at home followed by a service at the Washington Reform Church. Reverend H.J. Potter spoke from 2nd Peter 1: 11, 12 and the Reverend Reardon from Revelations 22: 20. Burial was made in the family plot in the church cemetery. Geske had been a devoted member of this Church from it's organization Febuary 24, 1880, 62 years.


George and Geskes Marker Washington Reform Church Cemetery, Ackley, Iowa


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