Traverse County Minnesota
Queries - 1999-2001

Per Tore Solheim Sat, 7 Apr 2000 This is a call from southern Norway. I am searching descendants of Peder Solheim, born in Nordfjord (Western Norway) in 1871. He left Norway in 1889 and settled in Wheaton. He married... (I dont know the name of his wife),and he had at least three children: Ivanhoe, Clifford and Thelma Solheim. Peder Solheim was an older brother of my grandfather. The last Chrismas Card from Mrs and Mr Solheim was received in 1931. Somebody knew about them? Best regards from Per Tore Solheim

Doreen Sun, 18 Mar 2001 I am researching a family by the name of FONDER who may have lived in Traverse County at one time. Ernest FONDER died there on Dec 28, 1988, would like his obit?? I would be interested in anyone by the FONDER name. I found a Emma LENSSEN who died in March 1974 in Browns Valley. Emma may have been a FONDER. I would like to find out her exact death date, where she is buried, maybe an obit??? Also would like to find out if her husband, Henry LENSSEN died there, too.

Ruth Schmitz Thu, 8 Mar 2001 Looking for a Casper Schmitz, born in Germany approximately 1880. He immigrated to Traverse County and wed a Wilhemenia. It is possible that her nickname is "Lottie". No recorded information is available to family at time. Possible Casper was documented as Kasper - or the Schmitz name was changed upon arriving to U.S. .. i.e. it was "Schmidt" or something similar. Also researching Tobeck name.

JoAnne Kirby Mon, 5 Mar 2001 My great-grandfather, Rodney Chester Kirby, lived in Browns valley in the early 1900's. He was a doctor and had a hospital in the area. I am hoping to learn more about him.

S. Baker Thur, 1 Feb 2001 Looking for information on William and William D. Brackin who both are listed on the 1880 Minnesota census records as being in Traverse County, MN. Trying to connect them to my Brackin's.

Gail Sawyer Mon, 27 Nov 2000 I am at a dead end in a genealogy search for ancestors of my grandfather, who was born in Brown's Valley. His name was Fred Monroe Bowman; he was born March 10, 1882. His father's name was Elmer H. Bowman. I do not know when or where Elmer was born, but it could have been in Wisconsin, in which case you can't help. However, Fred had a brother and sister, Robert and Louise, whom I'm assuming were also born in Brown's Valley. Can you help me at all? If so, please let me know the charges, or where I should write, etc. I thank you for any information you can provide.

Louise Wed, 25 Oct 2000 Hi list, Could anyone tell me what township the town of Brown Valley, Traverse County is in I want to read the 1910 census and I thinK it would be much easier to find the family if I had the township . I am searching for the David McCellen (Mack) Gallarno family. Their son Daniel Oscar was born in Brown Valley in 4 April 1909. Mackis my great Uncle and I have been chasing him for 20+ years so any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Louise Washington State

Merrilee Miller Tue. 24 Oct 2000 Former mayor of Wheaton - I am trying to find information on my husbands great grandfather. His name was John Thomas Erickson and he was the mayor of Wheaton in either the late 1800's or early 1900's. He emigrated from Sweden as a young child. We'd like to find out more information on his life and early times for genealogical purposes. Are there any online photo depositories for government officials? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance, Merrilee

Ray Larsen Wed, 4 Oct 2000 I am doing family history research and need info on Andreas Schmidt aka Andrew Smith's daughter Hannah or Johannah Smith that married Albert Cawelti. They lived in the Wheaton and Tenney areas. She lived there from about 1900 to 1920, then maybe in Renville in 1925. In later life it's believed she moved to California. Children include Lloyd, Ardith, Ervin, and Tillie.

David Harris Wed, 27 Sep 2000 I am searching for any birth relatives, recent info has led me to believe that some family MAY be from Travere County area. I was born in Pennsylvania on 12/26/58, adopted at birth by Harris family from PA. My birth certificate lists last name at birth as baby boy DERBY. Court records indicate birth mother was born around1933, was a widow with another son who was born around 1954/55, mother told court sheran a small rural unsuccessful newspaper, could not financially or physically takecare of another child. There was also the issue of embarassment over the illegitimacy of my birth, her husband was not my birth father. Birth mother from Minnesota, and records indicate she returned there after giving birth. Through a check with the Soc sec death index for mothers deceased husband with last name Derby, found only 1 date of birth that matched up - Everett Warren Derby, Dob 10/18/31, from Browns Valley, MN--am guessing he MAY have been birth mothers husband, deceased! at the time of my birth -- If I can find his family and confirm his relationship to birth mother, then perhaps I can find her?!! It may be a long shot, but I'm exploring all avenues. Thank you in advance -- If any of this sounds familiar, please send an e-mail to Thank you.

Fran Ray Sat, 16 Sep 2000 I am researching for information on my Great-Grandmother. She was married to AdolphWilheim Kunzie and believe both had immigrated from Switerzerland in 1880 and lived in Browns Valley. They had two children, Emma & John, and then Adolph is married again and living in So Dakota. I believe my G-Grandmother died in Browns Valley and she was never mentioned again. I need a name and date of death for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Betty Mullett Thu, 7 Sep 2000 I am searching for my husbands Grandparents. Ole T. JOINES and Ingaborg JOINES. He is listed as a farmer. They lived in Browns Valley in the late 1800's and early 1900 s. There were 4 children born there (Albert b. Mar. 13, 1893, Julia b. Dec. 13, 1894, Annie b. Oct. 9, 1896 and Tilda b. July 11, 1898 but I can't find any of them. I was wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction. The family name is Joines with any spelling variation. They were originally from Norway so the spelling might be Gjoines. I am told that Norwegians were probably Lutheran but have had no luck there. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful.

Linda Thompson Tue, 29 Aug 2000 An ancestor, Carl John Sjoberg or Shoberg, died in Traverse County, MN in the year of 1914. I believe he is buried in the cemetery at Wheaton. I would like to find an obit for him.

Reg Pirie Wed, 19 Jul 2000 I am searching for any information about John (born 1849) and Emma (born 1858) Anderson who arrived in Traverse County in 1885, after leaving Stockholm, Sweden. Emma's maiden name was Johnson and we thinkk her middle name was Elizabeth.One of their children (Josephine Ingeborg Anderson - my grandmother) was born in Traverse County in October 1886.

Pat Carruth Mon, 10 Jul 2000 My great grandmother is said to be from Wheaton MN and married a Bernard Langston in Minneapolis possibly in 1912. Her father is said to have been a minister, possibly in a Baptist church in Wheaton. I was just told last weekend that he had changed the name from Johnson to Palm because there were too many Johnsons. My understanding is that he and/or his family came from Sweden, but I have no idea when. Rachel is said to be buried in Crystal Lake cemetery?? and her father is said to be buried in Lehman?? cemetery in Minneapolis. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Waschell Mon, 3 Jul 2000 I am looking for any information on the Waschell surname. I am told Carl William Waschell was born in Traverse County, MN and I estimate his birth between 1900-1920. He married in the 1930's in WA. I am told he had a brother named Art. Any information passed along would be appreciated.

Jennifer Brumfield Wed, 21 Jun 2000 Researching family tree, looking for Jerome A. Deal, age 53 to 55.

Adrienne Mayor Tue, 13 Jun 2000 I am seeking information about the Indian pictographs in Browns Valley, Minnesota. Thanks!

Wanda Krenz Drose Thu, 8 Jun 2000 I am researching the Ferdinand Krenz -----b 1844 and came to Traverse via Manistee MI and St. Paul in 1881---I am also researching the Gjermund Johnson family from Delaware Township in Grant County. Those two families are entertwined as my mother Lena Johnson married Otto Krenz. The Carl Krenz Family in the Redpath area are related also, as Carl and Ferdinand were brothers and their wives were sisters.

Nancy Christie Thu, 25 May 2000 Traverse County, Minnesota inquiry: I would like to locate a news article or obituary for a child named Michael Sullivan who died in an automobile accident around 1920. I only have family stories to back up the date. The family lived in Tara, Traverse County, but I do not know if that is where the accident occurred.

Carol Kesch Mon, 1 May 2000 Searching for Grandparents in Traverse Co. Leonard (Leo) Kesch and wife Emily Kuschel Kesch. They moved to White Rock, SD about 1924 but worked around Tintah and Red Path, MN.They had three children John, Mary, & Frank Grandpa Kesch hanged himelf Mar, 1936 in Red Path. He is buried in Wheaton. Grandma Kesch and sons moved to Oregon about 1940 Any bits of information would be helpful.

Jill Foster Sun, 26 Mar 2000 UPDATE on Lucius Rufus and Nancy Elizabeth Trimble Foster. Both were early settlers in Browns Valley. They are buried in the Plateau Cemetery. Nancy may have been her nickname. She was a Presbyterian. If anyone has any info linking to this, please write. Thanks

Tonja Lund Sun, 12 Mar 2000 I am looking for the family of Peter Reimers. He married Bertha Newman in Wheaton, Traverse County, Minnesota. They had several children including Ted, Walter, Laura, Harriet, and Luella. Walter and Ted went to California and are no longer living. Please contact me if you have any other information.

Wilhelm Gragert Tue. March 7, 2000 Hello, I'm searching for death/burial infos on Rose Anna GRAGERT-BAPP, born about 1870 at Bordman Twp, Clayton Co.,IA to William Gragert and Sarah Hoppus. She was married to George BAPP and died about 1961 at Wheaton, Traverse Co. Any infos on thee date of her death/burial and infos on her family are welcome. Thank you for help - Wilhelm Gragert

Marie Tue. Feb. 29, 2000 I am searching for information on a Stelter family who lived in Parnell Township, Traverse Co., MN. Rudolph Stelter married Bertha Krueger in about 1894, and had one son named Berhard (Ben), born Dec., 1896. Rudolph and Bertha both moved from WI, probably after their marriage (likely in Eau Claire Co., WI). Bertha died in the 1910s or very early 1920s. Rudolph then remarried and had several daughters, including Meta, Frida, Emma, and Leona. His second wife seems to have died as well, and by 1920 Rudolph was married to a woman named Martha, born 1880 in Prussia.I am looking for information on the son Bernhardt (Ben) and the dates of Rudolph's various marriages.

Ang Smith Wed. Feb. 16, 2000 MONSON, Martin, Peter and Nels and families from 1875- 1903. Monson Twp was named after Peter and Nels. Searching for all info found on these families.

Jon M. Newton Tue. Feb.15, 2000 FINKE - I am seeking any information on the FINKE family, specifically, the family of Edward Christ Finke (b. 22 Oct 1879, Fairmont, Martin County, MN m. 24 July 1902, Wheaton, Traverse County, MN d. 12 June 1963, Wheaton, Traverse County, MN) and Amelia D. Wick (b. 11 Oct 1883, Blue Island, Cook County, IL d. 29 Oct 1963, Wheaton, Travers County, MN), daughter of John H. Wick and Anna Harden (m. 28 Nov 1879, Blue Island, Cook County, IL). I have information on the family of one son, Traverse Willard Finke, but nothing else. Where did they come from? When did they enter the country? The family seems to have remained in the same county for generations, they are still there today. Descendants married into the Newton and Larson families. Any help appreciated.

Mac Fri, 28 Jan 2000 Peter SORENSON and his wife Lilly (CALDER). I know she was born in Canada in 1883 and that they were married in 1905, perhaps in North Dakota. If they had children, I do not know. Family history says he was a banker in Wheaton. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mac

Joan MacKinnon Sun. Jan. 16, 2000 Looking for information on Elmira A. MacKinnon, married 04 October 1887 in Wilmot, Dakota Territory to Cyrus N. Knight. They lived in Ransom City, North Dakota, then in Brown's Valley, Minn by 1891. Elmira died about 1897 and is buried in Plateau Cemetery, Brown's Valley. I am trying to find out Elmira's exact death date and other information about her. I am also looking for information on her children, Harry, Mae and Pearl Knight. Pearl Knight married ? Rice and may have had a son.

Melinda Daughtry Thur. Jan. 13, 2000 I am searching information for my grandfather,Gordon R. (Raymon) Teare, Born Wheaton, Minn, Traverse County, approx 1903 Any info would be helpful, as this is all I have - Thank-you

Sally Skaar Tue, 11 Jan 2000 Nils Johan Nilsson, who was born in Sweden, immigrated and settled in Browns Valley. His wife was Karolina Winell. They came from Misterhult Parish, Sweden. Am also looking for Charles Boom and Ersson, don't have any background on them except for dates on their gravestones at the Wheaton Cemetary. Elizabeth Boom 1867-1945 Charles Boom 1852-1926 Nils Ersson d.1913?

Darrell E. Mulroy Mon. Jan. 10, 2000 I lived in Wheaton until 1952. Mulroy family had a farm north of town. Was told the house was moved to Browns Valley. Any information on the house or family would be of help.

George E. Gunderson Thur. Dec.23, 1999 Am seeking any information re: MABEL, RUSSELL, RUEBEN GUNDERSON, three siblings who may have lived in the Wheaton, MN. area the latter part of the 1800s. Possible father is SIGURE GUNDERSON, formally of Pierce Co., WI. Thank you. George Gunderson, box 1081, ALVA,FL. 33920

Barb Flannery Weds. Dec. 1, 1999 Looking for info on Charles Maria L. (HOUGHTON) FLANNERY, both buried at Browns Valley. Charles d app 17 Aug 1901, Maria (pronounced Mariah) d app 10 May 1900. Maria's mother, Anna, is also buried at Browns Valley, she b app 1815, d app 22 March 1898.

Gary J Zehnder Mon. June 14, 1999 Looking for any info on Williams S. HOTCHKISS - wife Margaret Swedeberg NORDSTROM - who gave birth to Gladys Hotchkiss b.12/07/1903 in Brainerd, MN

Mary Fallon Richards Mon. June 7, 1999 FALLON, Michael / John and Bridget/Mary (BARRETT) resided with adult family in Walls c 1885-90, when Michael died. Seeking information about their place of origin in Co Roscommon, Ireland.

Chad Aaron Lupkes Tue. June 1, 1999 Looking for the Lupkes Family. I know of Aield Lupkes b: in Germany, and I need more information.

Ron Morley Fri, 28 May 1999 Hello, I am looking for any Jacobson name from Wheaton back in about 1900. My wife's Jacobson family was very large, with eight sons and we don't know which son lived at Wheaton. We think it was Albert, but not sure. The family was originally from Montevideo, MN. Thank you!

Jill Foster Fri, 23 Apr 1999 Looking for information on LUCIUS RUFUS FOSTER and his wife, NANCY ELIZABETH TRIMBLE. Both died in Browns Valley in 1914 and 1922 respectively. Also would like any information about any of their children: HARRIET, MARY ELLEN, CHESTER ADELBERT, NORA BELL, CLARA MAUDE,& LUCINDA MAY. My father is the son of CHESTER ADELBERT and MYRTLE MADELINE FRENCH. I would appreciate any records to document my information and to further my search. Thank you for your willingness to help.

Cathy Birchem Sat, 10 Apr 1999 I am looking for Karen Lea Willprecht, daughter of Herb and Ardelle Willprecht. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Gerald Richards Tue, 6 Apr 1999 My grandparents, Fred and Minnie Richards, lived in Browns Valley for a few years after their marriage. I wonder if anyone has any information that would indicate more precisely when they lived there. They were married in Glencoe, McLeod Co. MN on 6 April 1899. After living in Browns Valley, they moved to Sisston, SD, where their second child was born in 1902. Does anyone have any information on their brief stay in Browns Valley? I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your time and effort.

Carol Moss Fri. 12 Mar 1999 I am researching the surname CRAWFORD. My great grandparents names are Edward F. Crawford and Ann Gibbons, my grandmother Regina Ann Crawford, was born in Browns Valley (?) Traverse Co. in 1884. Thank you.

Bill Henderson Sun. 7 Mar 1999 I am researching the Henderson family. My great grandfather Robert John Henderson was said to have run a grain elevator in Wheaton. I'm not sure of the time frame. Possibly before 1890 or after 1890. He was also said to have been the first potentate or other title of the Masonic Lodge in Wheaton at that time. That's all I know at this time. I am looking for any information on him or his family, background, records, etc. He either left Wheaton for Watertown, South Dakota or came from that area to Wheaton. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill Henderson

LeMoyne Propp Sat. 27 Feb 1999 I would like information on my grandfather August Propp. He farmed in Taylor township in the late 1800. My Grandfather G. Frank Propp was his second child and was born in 1884 in Taylor Township. August died in 1923 in Salem, OR., I think he was born in Germany. His wife Bertha Thom died in 1899 and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Taylor Township. He then marrried a woman whose first name was Louisa.

Evelyn Karppinen Sat. 27 Feb 1999 Looking for information on members of the Adam G. Anderson family. They moved to Traverse County in 1890 or 1891 and I believe, may have lived in Parnell or Tara Township until about 1920. Adam was married to Sofia (Sophia) and they had eight children George, Oscar, Nannard, Huldah, Gredolph, Ansgar, Josephine and Emil. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated.

Dale Flannery Sat. 27 Feb 1999 I am looking for any info on Elizabeth (Andrews), married to Harry Edgar FLANNERY in Traverse Co July 7, 1950. Harry d Aug. 28, 1959 and is buried in the Calvary Cem, near Browns Valley, MN, along with his first wife, Anna. Harry was a carpenter in the Browns Valley area. Harry is my great uncle.

Ang Smith Sat. 27 Feb 1999 I am searching my maiden name MONSON. My Great- Grandfather was Martin MONSON,lived in Wheaton from 1889 (or earlier) to around 1900. He had 5 children born there: Eddie Melvin,Myrtle Cecelia, Elmer Richard, George Walter and Alberta Signoria. Martin's brother Peter A. MONSON also lived there from as early as 1875 and left in 1903. He had a family of 13 children. Martin married Ellen Dorotea Larson Dec. 18, 1889 and Peter married Sarah Betsey Larson 1875 in Wheaton. The women were sisters. I will pay for all info found on these two families as I have hit a blocked wall for further info on them. Nels MONSON may also be a relative so info on him would be appreciated also. Thank you very much.

Beth Ranger Sat. 27 Feb 1999 I am trying to research my grandmother and g.grandparents. They homesteaded in Traverse county in th 1880's. My grandmother's name was Minnie Almstrong born in Red Path, Minnesota in 1881. Her parents names were Gustof Almstrong (might be known as Armstrong) and Emilie Svenson. Any information whatsoever would be helpful. I cannot find any reference to them other than the Homestead Deed. Minnie went on to marry a James (Jim) Cain(e). I have found a reference to James Cain homesteading next to the Almstrongs but cannot connect the families. Thanking you in advance, Beth Ranger, Calgary, Alberta

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