Haanen, Peter and Anna (Heurkins)

Christina and Harriet Haanen's parents were Antonius Johannes Haanen and Harriet Peerenboom. Antonius's parents were Peter Haanen and Anna Catharina Heurkins. Peter and Anna emigrated to the U.S.A. from Holland about 1873.

They came with their 5 sons, 2 daughters, one daughter in law (the oldest sons wife), and two granddaugters. Peter and Anna's eldest daughter died in 1870 and the two girls were given to the Haanens to raise.They would be raised by the eldest son as he was likely the girls godfather. The whole family settled in Depere, Wisconsin when they arrived in the U.S.A. Around 1890 two of the Haanen sons and two of the daughters relocated to Brown's Valley Minnesota. Around 1900, a few of the Haanens that had settled in Brown's Valley emigrated to Canada and settled in the Vanscoy Saskatchwan area. A land record from fergus falls land office doc # 2380 shows that Antonius Haneen bought 160 acres on 15 sept 1882 accession # MN 0930__.093 christina was my great grandmother on the land record it says Traverse Co.

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